Stop Wage Garnishments, Remove Levies and Liens and Even 'Unfreeze' Your Bank Account if It's Been Less Than 21 Days - "You Must Act Quickly Though!"

"You Too Can Get Out From Under the Crushing Burden of IRS Debt FAST with the 'Unfair Advantage' of a 'Swat Team' of IRS Debt Relief Specialists and Seasoned Tax Attorneys on Your Side, Fighting for You!"


  • Stop Being Bullied by The IRS!
  • End IRS Wage Garnishments!
  • Remove IRS Levies and Liens!
  • IRS Debt Relief Up To 40-95%
  • All Negotiations Handled for You!

Why Shouldn't You and Your Family Benefit from the IRS Debt Relief Programs That Your Government Created to Protect You?

Since you've ended up here, you, or someone you know, probably owe money for back taxes to the IRS and/or the state.

In these tough economic times it could be a lot of money.

Maybe it's from years of back income taxes, unpaid payroll taxes, or you may have received a gift or inherited an estate and just can't afford to pay the taxes on it.

If you're a business owner maybe you ended up owing taxes because you were just trying to feed your family and couldn't make ends meet while setting aside money for the IRS to pay your taxes. Even some corporations face hard times and have gotten into hot water with their taxes.

No doubt you want to do the right thing and pay it but you just can't. If you could have you would have by now. IRS agents are probably "on your back", and it seems there's nothing you can do to get them off. It could be they've "repoed" your vehicles, put a lien on the family home, filed embarrassing public tax lien notices and even put a freeze on your bank account(s). In short order, they'll be garnishing your wages and leaving you with next to nothing to live on, if they haven't already.

Hi, my name is Wes Edwards, owner of IRS Debt Relief, Accelerated Tax Solutions, and I hear this all the time. But I'm guessing you're wondering... 'Is what is said above really true or is it just a lot of hype? Are there really IRS debt relief programs out there to help me get out from under the paralyzing weight of IRS tax debt?' I understand because I'd probably be asking the same thing if I were you. If you give me just a minute I'll show you why it's possible and how!

There definitely are various programs that can help you get relief from IRS debt. Some may be tailored just to your circumstances and this is what empowers us to help you. We didn't create them; the law making bodies of the federal government forced the IRS to create them for citizens who can't find another way out.

However, the IRS doesn't want them to become widely known or used. Have you ever heard them talking about them or publicizing them? I didn't think so. That's because they don't, not even once in a blue moon.

They'd just prefer that you keep handing them 200% of your take home pay until the day you die. It's their job; it's all in a day's pay for them. When they go home they're not thinking about you and your problems, they're concerned about what their boss thinks of them and of how to get their next promotion and that means doing their job really well which ends up coming out of your hide - OUCH!

You can pour out your heart to the IRS collectors when they call, or worse yet, when they pay you a visit - and they do. You can explain how you and/or your wife have lost your job(s), or how illness has taken its toll, that the stock market crashed, that the value of your home has taken a nosedive, how your kids need a place to live, food and clothing; you can go on and on about your desire and best intentions to pay them and about your honesty. But no matter what, the bottom line is, they're trained to ignore your pleas, maybe even to view them as just excuses and to press on for what you owe, in spite of everything you just said. It's like talking to a wall and can make you want to tear your hair out!

You owe it to yourself and to your family to take advantage of the IRS debt relief programs that your government forced the IRS to create to get you and your family relief from IRS tax debt; to try and find a way to put this IRS tax debt nightmare to an end once and for all.

Ask Yourself

  • What will it feel like to no longer be in fear of the IRS because I owe them money?
  • What will my life be like when I can sleep in peace and not wake up thinking about my IRS tax debt problems?
  • What might the consequences be of trying to take on the IRS without experienced help on my side?
  • Why should I let the IRS 'bully' or 'blackmail' me into a bad settlement or payment plan when help is available?
  • Why shouldn't I take advantage of available tax relief programs when so many others do?
  • How much more interest and penalties do I want to let accrue before I do something to put an end to this tax problem?

Can You Really Get IRS Debt Relief?

How, could we afford to offer you financing to help get you IRS tax debt relief if it wasn't really possible? Could we afford to start with no money down? Of course not! There's no way we'd ever get paid if we couldn't deliver. On the other hand, the success we've had, the RELIEF we've helped our clients get from IRS debt turns them into grateful clients, more than happy to pay us for what we've done for them!

Our team has decades of experience dealing with difficult IRS and state tax issues. From the owners, consultants and attorney's we have resolved tax debt problems of over a quarter of a billion dollars!

We've helped very prestigious clients and down to earth common folk that ran into problems. We wish we could give you a list with the full names of our satisfied clients but in the tax relief business that just doesn't happen. Virtually nobody is willing to make their tax problems known.

If you call and talk to me though I think you'll be able to see we're honest. In reality we are one of the most reputable firms in the industry. Many of the real big ones out there have D and F ratings with the Better Business Bureau (go ahead and check) while we have an A rating.

Out tax relief team is made up of CPA's, attorney's and every type of tax professional that can handle any type of problem requiring IRS tax relief.

On a daily basis, we handle the most difficult cases of tax debt problems, ones that the majority of CPAs, accountants and tax preparers don't even want to touch.If I could tell you just one thing it'd be: Don't ignore the IRS. Don't do it. There are 3 good reasons why I say that.

3 Reasons Not To Delay

It's not so you call me up and hire us although we do want you to do that. There's a lot more to it. The faster you take action the better it works out for you! First, when you delay the IRS assumes you want to cheat them. The longer you wait, the more they suspect tax fraud and evasion (criminal offenses) and they get nastier and nastier! Many do nothing because sheer fear paralyzes them, but the IRS won't see that and if they do they're not likely to care either.

The second reason not to delay is that penalties and interest are accruing FAST!

The third reason not to wait is that there is very likely good news available. You may have more options than you thought! IRS tax relief programs really do exist and they can turn your financial situation around. Why wait to benefit from that type of tax relief?

Whether you use us or not, the advice doesn't change - get professional help to navigate the dangerous and confusing waters of the IRS!

Well, you can and you can't.

You certainly can contact the IRS, they want you to. But the odds of working out a GOOD settlement on your own are slim indeed. As a matter of fact when they ask you to disclose your financial situation they'll just turn around and use it against you. They're not likely to let you know when you are not obligated to do that.

First of all, when you call you'll probably have to sit through non stop recordings thanking you for calling and assuring you of how much they care about you and want to take your call. Then when you finally do get through to them it's amazing how it turns out; "We lost the papers you already sent so if you could please just send them again we'll be more than glad to help you." It seems like a complete waste of time, and most times it is, all the while penalties and interest continue to accrue! You just keep getting deeper and deeper in the hole!

Sometimes you just want to scream but there is no point in that either.

Many times citizens that try to negotiate their own settlements with the IRS flat out get rejected because the paperwork is complicated to fill out correctly and they don't know all the allowable expenses and deductions they are entitled to. Due to this many end up defaulting again which leaves them far worse off than when they started. So even when it seems like you 'won', you actually lost.

The settlements and payment plans we work out for our clients, sometimes can save you up to 40-95%, LITERALLY PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR! Now I'm not saying that's always possible, but again, you owe it to yourself to find out what type of tax relief you may qualify for.

In reality, our experience shows that very few people that negotiate with the IRS work out a significant settlement for themselves. Very often they end up worse off than when they started, sometimes much worse off, because in the process of negotiating they show all their cards, revealing too much to the IRS. Again, when you reveal more than you are required to they just turn around and use it against you. This happens all the time! And again, even when you do have "success" most times the amount you are able to negotiate with the IRS is so small it provides no real relief.

Unless there is a big change in circumstances, almost everyone that negotiates themself with IRS agrees to such bad terms that they end up behind the eight ball and default again because they got bullied by the IRS. When that happens you are in more hot water than when you started because now you not only owe your original tax debt but you have penalties, interest and maybe even a default penalty along with the original debt! It's really frustrating and on top of that the IRS returns to putting levies and liens in place and goes back to garnishing your wages, the things you tried to avoid when you originally contacted them to resolve things.

We negotiate tax debt settlements and payment plans that actually significantly benefit our clients. We can say this for a certainty because if we can't help you we won't even take your case. And did I mention that the evaluation to find out is free?

Congress forced the IRS to create various tax relief programs and the IRS can be forced to comply with them, but only if you are properly and fully armed by understanding the options and the correct application to your particular situation! But again, beware, the IRS isn't going to explain this to you when you call. They don't hesitate to keep citizens in the dark in respect to these tax debt relief programs.

Usually the IRS settlements and payment plans we negotiate will cover our fee within the first few payments. After that the savings are all "icing on the cake" so to speak. It could turn out in the long run, that the IRS' bullying you into seeking help was the best thing that ever happened when it saves you thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of dollars based on how much you really owe!

So you can negotiate your own tax debt relief with the IRS but it's probably not in your best interests to do so. Would you try to be your own lawyer in any other situation? (most tax relief programs require an IRS tax attorney).

So Why Not Just Use Your CPA That Does Your Accounting And Taxes To Negotiate Some Form of IRS Debt Relief?

Well, CPA's are experts at bookkeeping, preparing tax returns, financial reports, audits and for giving general financial advice. That's what they spend the lion's share of their time on.
But that in itself is the problem.

While we respect the work of CPAs and accountants, you need tax relief and that just isn't their specialty at all. It's NOT what they do and if you ask them they'll no doubt tell you that straight out.

So the bottom line is, almost invariably, that your accountant and even your CPA are completely unequipped to do tax relief. They had to study it in school and have probably heard a few seminars in the years that follow, but from a lack of use most just have a foggy understanding of some of the programs available.

The thing is, we do tax relief exclusively, we could teach the seminars your accountant attends to learn it from because we do this every day, all day long! This is our bread and butter. You need tax relief and you need it now and you shouldn't have to wait for your accountant to catch up on the latest rules, programs and modifications.

If an accountant or CPA hasn't done much tax relief work, which almost all haven't, they are not who you want representing you before the IRS agents who spend all day long trying to collect tax debts. That's just not level ground!

This is our specialty and it's this level of expertise that is needed to keep you on equal footing with the IRS and give you a fighting chance to beat them at their own game!

So why not contact us by calling 877-381-9836 or you can fill in the form above or below. When you do here is what we promise:

  • You Will Get a Free Consultation With a Seasoned IRS Debt Relief Specialist!
  • You Will Be Charged Nothing Until We Are Sure We Can Take Your Case and We Can Help You!
  • A Possible 40 - 95 % Reduction of Your IRS Tax Debt - Pennies On The Dollar!
  • Financing is Available! (this is almost unheard of when it comes to tax debt relief companies)
  • Start With No Money Down! (others charge hundreds of dollars

As I said, the consultation with us free as well as the analysis to see if we can help you. You're here already so if it feels right to you why not give us a call or fill out the form so we can let you know if you qualify for some form of IRS debt relief or not?

I'm confident that no one is better qualified than us to help you. However, I am a bit partial in this matter. So please feel free to check our A+ BBB rating for yourself.

No matter what, please, do something! You can surf the internet all day and all night and be in the same place you are right now. You know what happens when you hit the back button, many times you can't get back to that site you were looking for again so while you're here go ahead and call us or fill out the form. I think you'll be happy when you see what we can do for you!

All we require is an email address and a phone number but it'll make it so we know who to talk to if you include your first name. We know that you probably want us to be discreet, confidential and to respect your privacy. We only use the information you give us to contact you to help get you IRS debt relief.

Wes Edwards

IRS Debt Relief
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Just LOOK at What Our Other Clients Are Saying About Accelerated Tax Solutions…

From “Dread” to “Peace”

“For the past decade I have lived with a dreaded fear of the situation I found myself in. Being a realist I knew it was of my own doing but was also clueless as what to do about this problem.

After being contacted by the IRS I knew I had to do something or face ruin again. I decided to look into your firm.

WOW was I surprised at how your staff reacted and stayed on top of things. All[i] was was a relief to work with and very professional and at the top of her game and earned my trust.. Something not easily done after a decade of secrecy concerning my financial situation.

All in all your people greatly improved my life and returned me to full nite of sleep . PRICELESS! I would recommend your firm , staff and services to anyone in my situation. Thank You.”

Sam P.

From $22,000 in Debt to a $10,000 Refund!

“Accelerated tax solutions is a great company. They worked hard on our IRS tax debt, and kept in touch with every move they made. They answered all questions my wife and I had.

The Accelerated Tax Solutions got us a refund of $10,000. Our tax debt no longer exists. The IRS owes us money now. We were not expecting such a large amount. Thanks again to everyone that was involved in our case at Accelerated Tax Solutions.”

Richard Johnson

Do Not Take on The IRS Alone

“IRS stepped up the pressure and wanted to take everything away from me. I really did not know who to turn to.

ATS Inc. represented me with the IRS and got a handle on my outstanding balance owed. They stopped the harassing letters and made a timely settlement I could live with. ATS Inc. was highly professional and I would recommend this company to anyone having IRS problems.

I learned a lesson from ATS, you cannot take on the IRS along.”

Michael A.

2 Million in IRS Debt to $200.000

“I was contacted in June of 2011 from the IRS, notifying me of an audit for the Prior 5 years, the amount claimed that i owed the IRS was around $2,000,000. As stressful as this was I tried to control the situation, however my taxes were a mess for 2 of the years, i did not have all my w9s ect…

being a successful business man I could afford the best attorneys and accountants, but being a negotiator myself I also knew that some of the best talent out there are the ones that have the most practice, so for curiosity I looked online and found Accelerated Tax Solutions, I spoke to Evelyn, she was courteous and knowledgeable.

However I was very skeptical, particularly because of the insignificant amount they charged.

After 3-4 discussions I realized these are experts, and made the commitment. Less than 6 months later Tim gave me and my staff a valuable class in the us tax process (worth in itself thousands) and brought my tax liability under $200,000.

I have never been so happy with any company or any person that I have paid any money to, as I have with this company. Thank you, I am so grateful”

Sean V. Henderson, NV

Unsurpassed Customer Service

“My experience with Accelerated Tax Solutions has been unsurpassed from the moment I completed their contact form. My team has been VERY professional and met all deadlines.

As a small business owner the one thing I value most is exemplary customer service. I would recommend this company to anyone facing the bully tactics from the IRS without hesitation.”


The Person is More Important than the Money

“I am very thankful for A.T.S. For helping with my tax burden.It was a big relief for me.I will recommend A.T.S. to anyone A.T.S. Is more concerned for the person as to the money. Thanks A.T.S”

Gerald C. Weatherford Tx.

Patience & Empathy Shown

“Thank you for all your help. We probably would have went to another tax service provider if not for your patience and empathy. You guys are truly an asset.”

Teresa M.

A National Company with a Simple Solution

“I just wanted to write this to thank you for helping me get my tax situation straightened out. I have been divorced since 2002 and with everything that is involved in that and with getting in over my head with being the only income I had not filed my taxes for several years both state and federal.

I was going through my email one day and came across an email from ATS and decided that I needed to get things taken care of before the IRS did it for me.

I filled out their very simple free consultation and within hours was contacted by someone. I was a little reluctant to conduct business with a company that was out of state especially since I would be sharing personal information with them, but after checking online for any complaints about the company which I found none, I decided to have them try to get my finances current with the IRS.

Your company has been very professional, affordable (very important) when you are a single parent and so far everything has been working out very well. Once you provide them with some information they pretty much take care of the rest. I would encourage anyone with outstanding IRS issues to get it taken care of immediately and if you need someone to help with that, I urge you to contact Accelerated Tax Solutions!”

Mary, New Jersey

Talented Team of Dedicated Professionals that Love Their Work

“You guys are phenomenal and went above and beyond for me to make my deadline.

We filed 07-011 today and I cannot express how great feel about my choice to go with ATS, Whoever is hiring you guys has a good eye for great people who are both nice and talented.

I know I made the right choice and feel like I am working with a team of dedicated professionals that really love their work and their clients.

Thanks for convincing me that I didn’t need to look any further for help. You were right!!

As you know, I have had a lot of bad luck and I feel like it’s starting to turn around. Thanks again, and please let me know where I can send my accolades.

Can you let me know who I can address a letter to about Kelley? She is phenomenal and went above and beyond for me to make my deadline.”

Janine A.

$15,000 in Debt Reduced to $640

“I just want to write this as a thank you for helping me with my tax problem. When I received the letter from the IRS saying that

I owed $15,000.00 in back tax, I was terrified of what could have happened had I not addressed it.So I contacted the IRS office trying to get this matter situated by sending them all types of documents that they requested to make arrangements.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to go anywhere. I was browsing the internet to see if someone out there could provide help with how to deal with my particular IRS problem.After searching and searching, I came across Accelerated Tax Solutions and gave them a call right away.

I explained my tax situation and after hearing what they could do for me, I felt relieved. I decided to have ATS take care of my tax situation and once I provided ATS with some information, they took care of the rest.ATS representatives were very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I needed answers to immediately. ATS was able to settle my tax problem for a total of $640 with the IRS.

Thank you for resolving my case and I would definitely encourage others with IRS issues to contact Accelerated Tax Solutions.

Thank you ATS!”

Tom S.

Case Studies...

* Ms. M in West Virginia: Owed $14,500, IRS agreed to $925 within 5 months.

* Ms. S in Green Bay: Owed over $63,200, IRS agreed to $10,258 over five years. That equals two payments of roughly $2,292 per year. She had to come out-of-pocket with the $2,050 first year, but she would receive her refund in years following which would just about cover the required payment. We are rather proud of this one!

* Mr. & Mrs. T in Texas: Owed about $16,000, IRS agreed to $1,140 within 5 months.

* Mr. R in Arizona: Owed over $11,500, IRS agreed to $1,450 total at $83 per month.

* Mr. E in Illinois: Business owed about $38,800, IRS agreed to $871 within 5 months.

* Ms. I in Ohio: Business owed over $148,100, IRS agreed to $43,000 and to $450 per month.

* Mr. & Mrs. F in New York: Owed about $42,000, IRS agreed to $1,522 within 5 months.

* Mr. B in Illinois: Owed over $328,000, IRS agreed to $1,037 within 5 months.

* Mr. & Mrs. F in Connecticut: Owed about $21,600, IRS agreed to $390 within 5 months.

* Mr. F in Washington: Owed about $30,000, IRS agreed to $9,750 at $433 per month.

* Mr. P in Florida: Owed about $58,000, we amended and corrected the returns with the IRS to show that he didn’t owe and that he should have received refunds of about $25,000 instead.

YES, Please Contact Me! I Realize I Can Start with No Money Down and Financing is Available!
Submit Form 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days
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